Main officd, factory : 36, Noksansandan 289-ro
                                  Gangseo-gu, Busan(680-270)

Kwang yang business office : Jeon Nam Kwang yang city
                                              Kwang Yang town Cho Nam-Li 739-2
Pohang Business office : Gyongbuk Gyeongju chity San Nae
                                       -myeon Eui Gog-Li 252-15

A representative director : Jang Jong Hyun
Main products : For bessels electric power supply switchboard,
                           Control switchboard, Console, Rack
                           For Industrial receiving, supply switchboard,
                           Eletricpower switcboard, Mcc panel conbeyor
                           operation machinery CRANE Control machinery
                           Each kind control machinery system equipment

May 7, 1967    Established Jin Kwang Electrical Manufacturing Company

Aug     1979    Moved into KamJeon-dong

Sep     1981    Appointed as affiliated factory of small & medium enterpreses
                     by mimistry of Commerce and industry

Aug     1982    Approved producer of machinery material material for vessels.

May     1984   Became establishing member of Sam Sung Heavy industry
                    Cooperating companies

Jul       1984   Became establishing member of Korea Shipbuilding public
                    affairs Cooperating companies.

Sep     1985   Registered as the shipbuilding enterprise in pusan city.

Jul       1986   Turned into JIn Kwang Electrical Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.
                    in the matter of corporation.

Aug     1987   Appointed as competent samll & Medium company by Kukmin
                    Bank Co.,Ltd.

Nov    1999    Moved into Nog-San industrial complex

Aug    2003    Acquired certification of ISO 9001.

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Address : 36, Noksansandan 289-ro, Gangseo-gu, Busan 618-819, Rep. of KOREA(Zip Code : 618-819)
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